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Hello Great day, Thanks for ones period regarding looking at our publish about Replacement for Craftsman 170056. I do believe at this point you would like Lawn Mower Replacement Parts item, therefore you are on the appropriate web site. Just for this time I would like to writing about Replacement for Craftsman 170056. As well as I really hope will probably be useful information available for you prior to deal a Lawn Mower Replacement Parts item. The Replacement for Craftsman 170056 item is among products that will of Ox Clutch Inc. organization.

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What is special about an OX Clutch? 

Bearings, wires, and the encapsulated coil are all designed to operate from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to +350 degrees.  

Whether you are blowing snow in the winter or mowing brush in the summer heat, your OX Clutch is designed to function flawlessly regardless of ambient temperature. 

OX Clutch pulleys are machined, not stamped, resulting in a durable pulley that can be relied upon to turn true.Stainless steel is used where appropriate including springs and rivets. We realize that your OX Clutch will be exposed to the elements and have designed durability into it.

The fully enclosed coil of the OX clutch protects it from the elements. This generation 2 coil has 8% more winds than generation 1 and is, therefore, 8% stronger than generation 1 coils resulting in a higher torque capacity.  OX also designed the armature with a ground texture to the surface.  Upon engagement, the clutch “grabs” in a more positive manner also raising its torque capacity beyond that of even comparable OEM clutches not using this design.

One piece formed shell…OX Clutch uses Trivalent Chromium Zinc for plating. In addition to being a superior coating, Trivalent Chromium Zinc is much less toxic to the environment. OX Clutch is designed for the Industrial/Commercial market. OX isn’t the cheapest but it is the best for an Industrial/Commercial application. 

The OX Clutch Warranty and the OX Clutch Exchange Policy insure that you receive exactly what you have paid for, the very best clutch available.

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